The Misconceptions That Mislead Us: Questioning what was taught to us



This book includes real-life situations, scenarios, and experiences of real people who were misled and misguided by the very same misconceptions that are learned by millions of young boys and girls, growing up in our urban communities.

“If you don’t learn the correct way to love, be committed, work hard, have relations, parent, and other essential correct ways of living, then you’re definitely subject to learn the wrong way,” says Fareed Ray.

This book taps into the thoughts of young adolescents’ minds as they are learning how to process their ways, thoughts, and behaviors, as well as what causes us to adopt wrong behaviors.

The book also visits some solution ideas for how we can correct and recondition some of the errors in our thinking. It offers examples of how we can teach our youth to be comfortable enough to come to us and ask for help when they need it. These experiences will help us avoid a lot of the unnecessary downfalls within our communities and families, especially if we pay attention to who’s teaching our youth and what they are being taught. Ask yourself, “Could I have been misled by any or all these misconceptions? Could I have been deceived?”
If you have, what can we do to save the next generation?
Let’s hit the reset button! It has to stop and restart somewhere. Why not correct it for you and yours now, and those who will come? If you truly love them, this book will help to initiate a fresh start.

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